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          Cold Express LTD is a young & Dynamic company providing distributorship service in North America. At the beginning of our focus is to bring quality products to our customers. Basically, we serve in frozen, fresh and dry food areas. The products we import are Middle East based products and they are generally Turkish products. In addition, we provide distributorship services to many Canadian-based local companies.


        Our vehicles and warehouses are equipped with a focus on the Frozen & Fresh food chain and we provide service with our experienced team. Our company headquarter is in Toronto and we have a fixed service to the cities of Toronto GTA, Ottawa, Montreal, Kitchener, Windsor. In addition, there are companies that we work with in the provinces of Alberta, Quebec, and British Colombia.


         We provide product supply in the fields of sweets, pastries, dairy products, meat products for Local & Ethnic Markets, restaurants and patisseries.


           The services we have given to Producer and Wholesale food companies that want to provide products are as follows; Marketing, Storage, Shipping, Social media support.


           Please contact us for more information.

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