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Most Money Won On 1 Cent Slot Machine Playing Minimum

Went to a single reel $10 per spin machine. Hit two 3x bonus and one 2x. Paid out $13K. It might have been a progressive. When he hit, there was a Chinese lady next to him that started screaming so loud that a crowd began to form.

By the time security came there were at least 75 people gathered around. Was escorted by security to a back room. This lucky player was in Vegas to celebrate her niece's birthday. But it was she who got the biggest present possible, a massive jackpot win on the Megabucks series slot machine in the Aria Resort. She had been out partying when she decided to spend $6 (yes, you read that right, just $6) on a random slot machine. And promptly won $12.8 million. Put in the £78, and you will get back on average 78% of £78, which is £60.84. Put the £60 in again and you will on average get back £47+. Continue and you will end up with zero. It is a game for mugs, which guarantees an assured and regular profit of.